5 Best Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India: Which one Is for You?

Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India.

The five bitcoin exchanges in India, where a person can exchange bitcoin for rupees and vice-versa, are Coinsecure, Unocoin, CoinX, Zebpay, and Bitcoins. These platforms are operating their business since 2013 when the Bitcoin frenzy just took roots in India.

We’ve also covered two bitcoin startups from India, bitrate and Veritaseum, which are working on the development of cryptocurrency for the banking systems. But the rise of bitcoin has not been without its share of negative consequences.

Some people, especially in India, are under the misconception that Bitcoin can be used for illegal activities, and the government is also working to regulate the usage of cryptocurrency. Check the one bitcoin exchange app you need to download in India here.

How to Compare Bitcoin Exchange Apps.

Currently, there are more than six bitcoin exchange apps in the Google Play Store that provide a lot of information to its users. Therefore, we have compared five of these apps that allow users to choose the best bitcoin exchange app to allow them to use bitcoin without a hassle.

We have taken a look at BitMEX, BitcoinCharts, Zebpay, Unocoin and Coinnest. BitMEX BitMEX is currently India’s most downloaded and popular bitcoin exchange app. BitMEX app features live graphs that help you keep track of bitcoin’s current value.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is currently available in 9 languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

5 Best Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India.

One of the primary goals of exchange platforms in India is to facilitate the availability of Bitcoins to customers at the best possible rates. However, the fact is that you need to know which exchange apps work out the best.

Below we have listed some of the most successful Bitcoin exchange apps in India. Aurumxchange Aurumexchange is a renowned mobile Bitcoin app. Founded in 2014, it is India’s first Bitcoin mobile wallet with a QR code scanner, ATM and local payments options.

Users can buy, sell or use Bitcoins with no monthly or annual charges. With an improved interface, users will get the best of both worlds. For cryptocurrency transactions, users can also use a QR code scanner to pay directly in cash. AurumXchange has over 1,00,000 users from more than 185 countries.


Zebpay is a Bitcoin exchange for users in India and works on the Android and iOS platforms. It does not charge any additional transaction fees on its platform and promises to charge the same amount of interest on the transaction fees and account deposits for all of its users.

Currently, it operates in only two Indian states, Goa and Maharashtra. However, the company doesn’t charge any monthly account service fee, which is also one of the biggest advantages that they offer over other bitcoin exchanges in India.

The company doesn’t use any third-party escrow services for its transactions and ensures that the users do not get duped by those services. Zebpay has launched a feature called BitQuick, which allows the users to complete the buying of bitcoins in 5 minutes.


#5 Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India: Who is the Coinshare ATM? Coinsecure had a few bitcoin ATMs in India when the real tipping craze was in full swing. The startup has many bitcoin ATMs installed across the globe and coin share ATMs are just one of its many lucrative offerings.

Besides the few bits and bobs the company offered, Coinshare ATMs made its presence felt like a crowd puller for the users, making a bigger reach than the other brokers in the industry. These machines turned out to be a jackpot for the user who was fond of the bitcoin,

at the time of making a payment for a service or deal. The said startup had similar rigs installed at the time when they were not focusing on the business. A fully functional bitcoin share ATM machine is as great as a fantastic deal for the operator.


If you are the first one to invest in Bitcoin, and you want to buy Bitcoins on Indian Exchanges then keep reading this article to get insights about Unocoin, which is the only Bitcoin exchange app in India.

Unocoin is a bitcoin exchange app that is owned by ModiFix. It was launched in 2013. Unocoin has made available to Indian users many interesting features, which are used to buy and sell bitcoins.

There are many good reasons why we consider Unocoin to be one of the best Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India, which we recommend to users who are planning to get bitcoins and want to buy Bitcoins from Indian Exchanges.

Some of the benefits Unocoin offers are Great Customer Support There are 24 hours of customer support on Unocoin.


Alex.in Kuoni Money Zebpay Ripple Coinsecure Flexeem Cointrader COIN BANK Bitcoin India’s fastest-growing domestic payment bank, YES BANK, has launched its own Bitcoin exchange app in India.

‘YES BANK Btc-EX’ is the bank’s own Bitcoin trading platform, a tech-led cryptocurrency exchange based on multiple order types for seamless trading. As part of this initiative, the bank will be offering exciting trading opportunities to its customers in Bitcoins in India.

The platform will provide all the essentials like trading, merchant account, smartphone application, user authentication, and other necessary KYC documents on one platform. The new platform is going to be available for anyone with a Facebook account, irrespective of their location or age.


App Name: Koinex Market Cap: ₹13,112 million Price of Bitcoin: ₹77,770 per coin Current Market Cap: ₹13,112 million prices of Bitcoin: ₹77,770 per concurrent Market Cap: ₹13,112 million Website: https://koinex.com/ Launched in 2013,

Koinex is one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges in India and is considered to be the de-facto platform for cryptocurrencies and Altcoins. Its popularity amongst traders is quite evident as it boasts of around one million users and 40% of its trading volume is done in Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Exchange Apps in India

Koinex has been a recipient of the Global Blockchain Technology Award at the New World Foundation India Summit held at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai last year.


This is the future of money. Bitcoin is going to grow in India and we should also be excited about it. The government too is supportive of it, like it has initiated the tax proposals for the trading in bitcoins. Hence, this is a welcome move, and the traders should go ahead and invest in bitcoins.

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