Farmer Insurance: Best Tips For Saving Money On Your Premium in 2021.

Friends, today along with our life insurance, we should also get Farmer Insurance done and Farmer Insurance is only for farmers.

Farmer Insurance.

Ageing farmers are known to be at a greater risk of dying. Most older farmers who have spent all their savings on their farmhouse, have already sold all their assets and are struggling with a massive debt burden. If you are reading this article, then you are a farmer and you are also above 60.

Farmer Insurance protects you from all possible risks and you will get protection against personal insurance risks including pre-existing diseases and certain agricultural risks like drought, flood, pest attack, livestock welfare and bank restructuring. Farmer Insurance has several variants and the best thing about them is that you can buy one of these variants and as well as risk management tools under it.

What is Farmer Insurance?

Farmer Insurance or a green farm insurance cover is offered by the farmers association to offer a cost-effective premium plan for them and reduce their total liability. Farmer insurance is vital for farmers and their families who frequently take up risky jobs and are at higher risk of falling sick.

The farmers and their families can take the help of these green insurance plans to make their insurance premiums cheap and safe. The Farmer Insurance plan offers cover against health, accident, hunger, floods, theft, injury or death of the whole family members.


A Farmer Insurance plan is one of the cheapest sources to start planning for your emergency funds. These policies are being provided by various farm organisations like farming co-operatives, regional and national farmer organisations.

Why Farmer Insurance?

Because as per a study conducted by Farmer, today farmers are exposed to the risk of fire, disease and other natural calamities more than ever before. This is mainly because, since the 1970s, the yield of agriculture has decreased in the last 40 years, thus reducing the amount of profit that we farmers make.

Today, most farmers don’t have insurance policies for their crops, forcing them to incur more losses. Besides, if they have bad harvests in a season, they have to face further hardship, in addition to the decline in their health.

The increasing risk due to climate change has also contributed to this situation. To protect you against the same, this ultimate insurance is made by the bank, known as Farmers Insurance.

Farmer Insurance Tips.

The agricultural sector has evolved from subsistence to commercial farming and today in Nigeria, about 40% of GDP and 70% of employment is from agriculture, leaving behind farming as one of the means of livelihood for our forefathers. That is why farmers must insure against risks that could threaten their investment.

If they fail to do so, they face enormous financial losses from disasters such as farmers’ banks, fires, and floods. In the above paragraphs, it was stated that farmer insurance has become a reality in Nigeria. But how do you acquire a policy that can sustain your business?

In this article, we shall go through Farmer Insurance for Agricultural Business Owners; it is an opportunity for you to ensure your investments in crops and livestock.

Farmer Insurance


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